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Some video from some of the projects I have worked on.

This is the Hellion from Red Hook's Darkest Dungeon rendered in real-time in Unity using the LWRP and with custom shaders created in the Shader Graph.

I built this environment based on the concept of a crashed airplane. This is rendered in real-time in Unity using the Light Weight Render Pipeline. 

A custom shield shader I made using Unity Shader Graph. This was created to run in a real-time environment and has controls for color, displacement, fresnel falloff, damage location, damage intensity and more.

I made these anime style missile VFX using standard particles and shader graph in Unity.

Some attack VFX, using Untiy. No special shaders, just out-of-the-box unity particle systems.

This Stylized Fire Effect was achieved using a mix of Shader Graph and particle Systems with Unity.



Watch Now

Awaken is available on Steam in Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

I worked on Rocketmen way back in 2004. This footage is from the DLC. I was responsible for VFX, characters and level design. This was the second game I worked on and still one of my favorites,

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